Jaehun playing in Singapore??

Spending the first night at Singapore                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Jaehun was at sigapore and they were in a place called centosa for 8 hours. they played and enjoyed. first JaeHun wanted a unlimited express pass so with his pass he could go more faster than people first he rode a 4D short action movie called the transformers, next he went to ride a rollercoaster with his mom their were two kinds of rollercoaste one was called human and the other was called cyclon.He rode cyclone 5 times and human 4 times, next JaeHun went to a 4D scary mummies revenge movie I am scared of things like that so most of the time I closed my eye next Jaehun rode some thing that he could ride with his brother so he rode a ride called space spaghetties and Madagascar. Then JaeHun went to the souvenir shop and Jaehun bought a T shirt. it was dark night they went to the cable car station in centosa but we went 3minuites late so they didn’t let Jaehun go on the cable car so Jaehun went home by metro

Going to lego land in Malaysia.                                                                                                                                                                     The next day Jaehun went to Malaysia lego land their were action rides in the lego technic section their was a carjetcoster that basically means car+jet+rollercoaster=carjetcoaster it was shaped in lego,the next place was called lot of imagination in that place you build lego and the plat form shakes 3 times and if your lego is unstable and falls and you fail their was one more action ride jaehun has forgotten the name of the ride but you push up the rope and you release it and you come down then their was a souvenir shop but we didn’t go their instead we went to a mini figure store you make 3 mini figures a time and  Jaehun made 4 packs of them and he also got 5 mini figure key chains it was fun at Singapore.It was the last night at Singapore Jaehun went to centosa again this time he went for a ride called luge it is a very fun ride Jaehun also saw the merlion and he saw the Clark quay river it was awesome, people said that it looked like the building is falling on to me but Jaehun didn’t see it like that. The definition is it was awesome great fun